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Mbtax is an Indonesian tax and accounting advisory firm that helps large public and private enterprises navigate complex tax and financial regulations. The firm provides a broad range of tax services, including maximizing the tax benefits associated with complex corporate transactions, audit defense, accounting for income taxes preparation or review of tax returns, transfer pricing.

MBTAX provides accurate and useful tax analysis to its clients. Using ouar advice, our clients are able to achieve significant tax savings, accurately predict future tax expenditures, and develop long term growth strategies.



All companies require an official financial evaluation. Our auditing services are efficient and extremely thorough. These are some of what we offer under this category:

▪ Statutory audit on companies
▪ Special audits: due diligence for corporate exercises banks

Accounting Services

MBTAX provides a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services geared towards assisting small to mid-sized companies. Our main objective is to help business owners like you reduce time spent on nonessential tasks, enabling you to focus on core business functions and increase profitability. Many of our clients save up to 40% compared to the costs of hiring in-house
staff to perform these functions. Our Accounting and Bookkeeping services include:

▪ Bookkeeping
▪ Controller Services
▪ CFO Services
▪ Accounting Systems and Integration


MBTAX Tax Compliance services help clients effectively manage their compliance processes, allowing them to focus on the broader strategic vision for total tax performance. Our comprehensive tax compliance services are designed to meet Indonessia Tax Office requirements, streamline tax operations, and provide a proven approach to compliance management and
reporting. Our professionals possess a breadth of expertise in tax administration and process improvement, delivering a tremendous return on investment and providing a wealth of best practices, as well as a proven roadmap for enhancing the strategic value of the tax department. We assist clients in proactively managing costs and employee resources, eliminating manual processes, minimizing overpayments and errors on returns, and reducing risk and the likelihood of notices and penalties.

At MBTAX, we are known for our ability to find tax saving opportunities for our clients and to aggressively fight for your refund, ensuring that no issue or opportunity for tax minimization is left unrealized. Our professionals rely on expertise, experience, and skilled execution to deliver outstanding value through a suite of tax refund services.

MBTAX Tax Research services cut through complicated and constantly changing Indonesia tax rules to uncover the issues that truly matter to our clients. Our researchers not only analyze the law, they evaluate and verify individual circumstances to apply the law to each possible scenario. Our seasoned professionals are well versed in preparing tax matrices for all types of industries, writing opinion letters on the tax consequences of complex and unusual transactions, preparing requests for administrative rulings on intricate issues, determining nexus and filing requirements, and reviewing specific transactions to ensure that our tax decision solutions are accurate and consistent.

MBTAX Transfer Pricing can help you develop and implement strategies that avoid the risks of disallowed adjustments, double taxation, bloated reserves, inefficient tax planning, and penalties. We offer a comprehensive end-to-end transfer pricing solution, including services ready to fit your needs:
• Process large volumes of data quickly and generate detailed reports for intercompany transactions
• Determine and implement transfer pricing policies and agreements
• Mitigate the cost of compliance and control risk of transfer pricing adjustments and associated interest and penalties with proactive price monitoring
• Implement strategies to manage effective tax and transfer pricing planning
• Produce required transfer pricing documentation

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Will enable YOU to focus on your core business and leaves the rest of the administration to us. YOU will also be able to reduce the budget of investing in administration team. Worry Free and Solution Based Professional.

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